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UPDATE December 19, 2005

Activity in our code development efforts continues to gain momentum at the State Fire Marshal's office. This page is intented to keep you informed of the SFM's progress and efforts in developing the "next generation" of the California Building Code, California Fire Code. As code development progresses, the definition and direction to the 14 working groups in using "holistic approach" becomes more precise. Directions to the workgroups have moved from the philosophical goal to identifying specific directions. While refinement continues, the Office of the State Fire Marshal remains focused on one of the original tenet that the final adoption package includes only those amendments reasonably necessary to maintain a substantially equivalent level of fire and life safety in California. The enormous task of evaluating the necessity and categorizing those changes as "need-to-do" as opposed to "nice-to-do" remains paramount in this office's code development plan that extends beyond this immediate action and into future code cycles.

To accomplish this task, an action plan incorporating a proven project management philosophy that creates a structure of core and working groups, SFM Liaison, and scheduling, resources, and goals. The most recent additions to our organization and accomplishments are as follows:

SFM Office: The Assistant State Fire Marshal is my representative for this project. The Assistant State Fire Marshal oversees the Core Group's efforts by providing resources, guidance, and offering solutions to problems that may arise. I am pleased to announce that Governor Schwarzenegger has appointed Kate Dargan has been appointed as Assistant State Fire Marshal. Kate will take the lead in the Code Adoption Process for the OSFM, as well as finalizing the WUI Bldg. Standards processes with the Building Standards Commission.

Core Group: This group is composed of designated individuals and alternates from the core stakeholders to this code process. The organizations represented on this group have no economic interest in this effort. The Core Group will provide overall direction to the Work Groups, meet routinely with Work Group Leaders, and work under the SFM policy direction. A remaining vacancy of the representative from one of our stakeholder groups, the California Metropolitan Fire Chiefs was recently filled by Battalion Chief Ronald Jackson, Los Angeles City Fire Department. Minutes of the most recent Core Group meeting are located on this page

Work Groups: Our 14 Working Groups have been very busy since the kick-off meetings in September. Within the last month, there have been 17 scheduled workgroup meetings with notices and meeting minutes posted on this page. The workgroup's final product, a comprehensive package of recommendations to the SFM, can only be as good as the directions they are given. To address this, the Core Group recently prepared revised directions regarding the content and format of the workgroup's final package.

Code Documents - ICC has provided training on eSolution, to the Core Group and working group leaders. All workgroups will be taking advantage of information sharing afforded by this tool. A link to the eSolution website is located in the "Toolbox" section of this page

Timeline Schedule: The State Fire Marshal is committed to bring to the Building Standards Commission a code adoption package that has the consensus support from all stakeholders. In order to assure that this valuable stakeholder input has been acquired, three stakeholder input meetings have been included in the code development effort. Assistant State Fire Marshal Kate Dargan will be finalizing the times and dates of these meetings tentatively scheduled for January 20th, February 22nd, and March 24th. At these meetings, our stakeholders will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed changes. After each meeting the workgroups will be tasked with evaluating all comments and reaching positions of mutual agreement. As this web page will be updated regularly, I'd advise bookmarking it to keep up to date on the latest information coming from our workgroups.


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Stakeholder Information

Stakeholder Meeting - Code Adoption Comments - Friday, April 28, 2006, 10:00-4:00
State Fire Marshal Headquaters, Sacramento
1131 "S" Street, Sacramento

Fire and Life Safety Building Standards Advisory Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Draft Express Terms - California Building Code

Draft Express Terms - California Fire Code

Draft Express Terms

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