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Tire Fire Program

Tire fires have a negative impact on the quality of California's air, soil and water. The Westley tire fire cost millions of dollars to extinguish and clean up while the Tracy tire fire burned uncontrolled for almost two years. Pre-emptive fire prevention inspections and enforcement will help insure that tire fires like these will not happen again.

The State Fire Marshal's Office, in collaboration with the California Integrated Waste Management Board, is working on transferring tire storage regulations from the Natural Resources Code (Title 14) to the Public Safety Code (Title 19).

Along with this regulatory activity, an update to the existing "RINGS OF FIRE: Fire Prevention and Suppression of Waste Tire Piles" training program is also underway. A curriculum workgroup has been formed to review the existing training program in light of new information learned from recent tire fires. The report developed for Integrated Waste entitled Tire Pile Fires:  Prevention,  Response,  Remediation will form the foundation for the new training program.

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Rings of Fire Media Kit

The entire training program is provided to instructors on CD and DVD for your convenience. The CD contains; multimedia presentation, student manual, student handout and complete instructors guide. The instructors guide will provide you the background information that you need to make a successful classroom presentation. The DVD includes an updated version of the original "Rings of Fire" (approximate running time 35 minutes). The video is divided into four parts and the multi-media presentation will remind instructors at which point to review each section as it applies to the lecture. Both disks are available as a set through the State Fire Training bookstore order form.

Student Manual
The Student Manual provides the structure and content for the class. Instructors are encouraged to print a copy of the manual for each person in the class. The manual can be reproduced in color or black and white.

Student Handout
The Student Handout includes all of the slides shown during the classroom presentation and allows space for students to take notes. Instructors are also encouraged to print a copy of this document for each attendee.

Instructor Guide
The Instructor Guide provides a recommended order for instruction. However, the class can be customized for audience requirements. You can download each lesson plan from this site or order the complete media kit from the Stare Fire Training Bookstore.

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