Code Interpretations

Year of 2000 - Code interpretations rendered for Title 24 are valid for the code year edition identified in the code interpretation. Code interpretations rendered for Title 19 are not code edition specific.

Interpretation# Topic Date Issued
00-023 Minimum State Standards 11-20-00
00-022 Local Regulations in State-Occupied Buildings 11-20-00
00-021 School Lunch Shelters 11-20-00
00-020 Direct Supervision of Patient Areas 11-20-00
00-019 Accessibility Standards in Group R, Division 2 Occupancies 11-20-00
00-018 Exiting Requirements in Group I, Division 1.1 Occupancies 11-20-00
00-017 Fire Drills in Group R, Division 2 Occupancies 11-20-00
00-016 Fire Sprinkler Maintenance 08-07-00
00-015 Elevator Cabs 08-07-00
00-014 Emergency Evacuation Signs 08-07-00
00-013 Covered Malls 08-07-00
00-012 Hospitals - Projections in Corridors 08-07-00
00-011 Group R, Division 2 Accessibility 08-07-00
00-010 Bars on Relocatable Classroom Windows 08-07-00
00-009 Fire Alarm Systems in High-Rise Buildings 08-07-00
00-008 Elevators 04-21-00
00-007 Child Care Services Provided in Health Clubs, Bowling Alleys, etc. when the Service is Provided without Cost for the Parents while Parents are Patronizing the Facility 08-07-00
00-006 Charter Schools 08-07-00
00-004 Water Supply for High-Rise Buildings on Same Property 04-24-00
00-003 Revised Exiting from Group R, Division 2 Occupanices Housing Non-ambulatory Clients 04-21-00
00-002 Large Family Day Cares in R-1 Occupancies 04-21-00
00-001 AHJ's Authority High-Rise Buildings 04-21-00

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