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Fire and Life Safety Division - Plan Review

The State Fire Marshal’s Plan Review Section is responsible for the review of construction plans submitted for all state occupied building projects. Plans are reviewed for compliance with the adopted State of California Building and Fire Codes, California Code of Regulation, Title 19, Title 24 and applicable nationally recognized standards. Plan review consists of preliminary review, design development consultations, initial review, conferences, back check, over-the-counter, addendums, change orders, instructional bulletins, request for information etc.

All plan review submittals require:

In an effort to streamline and expedite our plan review process we have initiated the Triage process.  When a submittal is received at OSFM for review a Triage assessment is initiated within 72 hours.  If all required information is provided on the submittal, it is then put in our plan review process.  Processing of submittals is completed in date order, first come, first served basis.  If critical information is found lacking the submittal will be returned requesting said information; the Triage process is not a plan review.  Provided for your convenience and reference you will find our Triage List below. 

Triage List– All Plans

An over-the-counter plan review offers the convenience of having your plans reviewed and, if approved, your permit issued immediately. It also allows applicants to interact with the plan check engineer right there at the public counter. The type of plans that are typically reviewed at the counter are small size projects, back checks, or preliminary review that can be reviewed in approximately 30 minutes. All of the applicable information listed on the triage list and a completed application is required. These 30 minute appointments are scheduled through our plan review clerical staff at 916/445-8550 and are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1300 to 1600. Each project will be allowed 30 minutes maximum.

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