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Emergency Vehicle Technician II

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Emergency Vehicle Technician II utilizes NFPA 1071 Standard for Emergency Vehicle Technician Professional Qualifications (2016) to provide the qualifications for State Fire Training’s Emergency Vehicle Technician II certification.





Certification Information:

Emergency Vehicle Technician II is the second certification in the California OSFM Emergency Vehicle Technician track. To view the certification tracks for this series, check out the Professional Certification tracks PDF.

Requirements Task Book Application Checklist

When applying for certification, be sure to also include a completed Fee Schedule.

Fire Mechanic Certification Transition Information:

The Fire Mechanic Certification transition is a path that is available for those who were certified as a Fire Mechanic 1 and would like to apply for the Emergency Vehicle Technician II certification.

Requirements FM Transition Application FM Transition Checklist

When applying for certification, be sure to also include a completed Fee Schedule.

Recertification Information:

Emergency Vehicle Technician certification is valid for five years from the date of issuance. To recertify, review the requirements listed below and submit a compete recertification application package.  

Requirements Recertification Application Recertification Checklist

When applying for recertification, be sure to also include a completed Fee Schedule.

Curriculum Resources:

Implementation Plan
Certification Training Standards Guide

Emergency Vehicle Technician II Course Plans

Emergency Vehicle Technician 2A: Electrical Systems B

Emergency Vehicle Technician 2A: Activity 2-2

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