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Course Scheduling

Every course delivered through SFT falls into two categories; the California Fire Service Training & Education System (CFSTES) which has become synonymous with certification, & the Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP) which does not lead towards certification.

For more information, please contact:

Kirsten Fonseca
Ph. (916) 324-6359
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Scheduling Request Forms


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  1. Complete the appropriate Request for Course Scheduling form. If the class that you wish to schedule does not have an individualized form, then select the appropriate generic form.

    Note: Tips for successful course approval can be found below.

  2. Verify that your class criterion meets the prerequisites found in the Course Information & Required Materials manual click here. *This is important because some classes require site accreditation, while other classes may require a student to instructor ratio.
  3. Submit. There are many ways to submit your class request. Choose from either email, U.S. mail, fax or in-person. Email is preferred since both parties have a record of the request being received.

"Approval will not be granted after the fact; approval must be obtained before beginning the class" (SFT Procedures Manual pg. 17 & 21.) More information can be found in the SFT Procedures Manual click here OR Refer to the SFT Procedures Manual (ver 2008) p. 17 and 21.


    Tips for Scheduling a Course

    Download and use current Requests for Course Scheduling forms; older forms delay your request.

    Verify that your desired instructor is registered to teach the class. This can be done by visiting the online instructor database located on the instructor tab of the homepage.

    Except for one- and two-squad Confined Space Rescue Technician class deliveries, a Senior Instructor cannot also be the Primary Instructor. They must be two separate and qualified registered instructors.

    Fill-in the name of the "Training Facility" even if it is the same as the sponsor.

    Do Not complete below the section of the form titled, "For State Fire Training Only"

    Urgent requests must be discussed first with the Course Scheduler. If the Shipping/Receiving clerk can accommodate your request, the Course Scheduler will ask for an emailed or faxed Request for Course Scheduling form at that time. Approval will only be granted on a case by case basis.

Receiving Course Materials
Be sure to open and check your class materials when they arrive, not the day before the class. Any discrepancies or missing items should be immediately reported to SFT Contact person listed above or to the Shipping/Receiving clerk. This allows enough time to correct any errors in a timely manner.

Class Changes/Cancellations
Class changes or class cancellations must be emailed to:

When emailing to request a change/cancellation please include the class code number that is listed on the approval letter, in addition to the old class information (i.e. dates, instructor, location) as well as the new changes that need to be applied.

NOTE: If a class is cancelled after State Fire Training has shipped the materials, immediately return the entire shipment to the Shipping/Receiving clerk using a carrier that can track your shipment.

Returning a Class
It is the Primary Instructor's responsibility to complete the Instructor Checklist for each class being returned to SFT. Depending upon the type of class, this checklist identifies the number of students on the roster, how many books are being returned for credit, how many Scantrons are included, and the number of unused FSTEP certificates.

If the Shipping/Receiving clerk receives a class that cannot be processed because of incomplete paperwork, it will be returned to the Primary Instructor. Checklists and other forms can be found on the Shipping & Receiving tab.

Class evaluations can now be completed online via the Class Evaluation Form. Students will be required to list the class approval code, instructor name, date and course name therefore it is important to share this information with students prior to the course completion. 

Although class feedback is submitted directly to State Fire Training, Primary and Senior instructors of record may request to review submitted class feedback via the Class Feedback Request form. Requests may take up to 2 weeks to process and will be delivered in PDF format via email. Instructors who wish to see feedback on a regular basis are encouraged to instead provide their own class feedback survey.



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