Code Development & Analysis

Code Development and Analysis

The Office of the State Fire Marshal's Code Development and Analysis Division reviews all of California's regulations relating to fire and life safety for relevancy, necessity, conflict, duplication and/or overlap. The division also prepares the California State Fire Marshal's fire and life safety regulations and building standards for review and adoption by the California Building Standards Commission.

Title 24, California Building Standards Codes

  • For Information regarding the California Building Standards Codes please Click Here.

Current and Prior Rulemaking Activities


  • Tall Wood Building Workgroup click here
  • Wildfire Protection Building Construction “CBC Ch7A” Task Force (2019).
    For more information click here
  • Oklahoma State University's Flammability Standards for Building Insulation Materials-Phase II Final Report click here
  • The New Intervening Code Cycle regulations can be found at the CBSC website as the Supplements effective on July 1, 2018, found here:
  • L-Occupancy Task Group click here
  • On-demand Mobile Fueling (2016).
    For more information click here
  • I-3 Code Task Group
    For more information click here
  • Schools Lockdown Task Force.
    For More Information click here
  • Working Group on Flammability Standards for Building Insulation Materials.
    Final Report click here
    For more information click here.
  • High-Rise Task Force - Final Report.
    For more information click here.
  • Residential Fire Sprinklers and the California Codes.
    For more information click here.
  • Solar Photovoltiac Installation Guidelines.
    For more information please click here.
  • OSFM Regulated Occupancies.
    For more information click here.
  • NIOSH Releases Report on Preventing Deaths and Injuries of Fire Fighters Working Above Fire-Damaged Floors.
    For more information click here.
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

    Visit the web site of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for read-only access to the NFPA codes and standards referenced in our state's statutes and/or regulations.

    For more information click here.

  • Office of the State Fire Marshal - Statutes and Regulations Class
  • The Statue and Regulations course is a two-day course developed for fire prevention personnel, building officials, and related design professionals. The course will assist in obtaining an understanding of laws and regulations that effect fire and life safety enforcement in California and the following: The scope and authority of local departments relative to California Statutes and Regulations.

    • The review of Health and Safety Codes that relate to inspection responsibilities.
    • The continuing need for awareness of State Fire Safety Laws and Regulations on local fire jurisdictions.
    • The correct understanding and use of modifications to model Building and Fire Codes.
    • The applicability and content of Title 19, California Code of Regulations.
    • Relevant fire and life safety information not found in other Building and Fire Codes or code classes.

    This is a State Fire Training (SFT) Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP) course that is required for the Plan Examiner certification checklist.

  • California Solar Permitting Guidebook

    The Governor’s Office and state agencies have partnered to produce the California Solar Permitting Guidebook. This guidebook was developed to help local governments improve permitting for small solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The guidebook explains state requirements for solar PV, outlines local permitting steps, and recommends several ways that local agencies can improve permitting of solar PV systems.

    To download the California Solar Permitting Guidebook click here.

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