Lab Accreditation

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (SFM) currently has accredited more than 30 laboratories to perform tests on various products using SFM adopted and/or national recognized standards. These tests range from the examination of portable fire extinguishes to complete full-scale tests of fire resistive wall and/or ceiling-floor assemblies. Tests conducted by laboratories must be accurate and dependable, since the results determine the fire resistance approval of a product. Improperly tested products can have disastrous effects on the safety of individuals using them or within a building where they are installed should a fire occur. Laboratories wishing accreditation must be inspected by SFM approved staff. Inspections include the evaluation of specific test equipment and laboratory personnel. This accreditation process ensures that all products submitted to the Office of the State Fire Marshal for evaluation have been tested by qualified people and conducted using accurately calibrated and constructed equipment.