About State Fire Training


State Fire Training (SFT) is the OSFM division that establishes, develops, and delivers standardized training and education for the California fire service.


The California Health and Safety Code authorizes SFT activities under Division 12, Part 2, Chapter 1, Articles 4 and 5: 

  1. Article 4 – Fire Service Training and Education Program (sections 13155–13159.2)
  2. Article 5 – California Fire and Arson Training Act (sections 13159.7–13159.10)


In 1978, the California Department of Education transferred responsibility for the California Fire Service Training and Education Program to OSFM. Since that time, OSFM has established the California Fire Services Training and Education System (CFSTES) and the Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP) within the State Fire Training (SFT) Division. SFT coordinates the statewide delivery system in collaboration with fire agencies, community colleges, and instructors.

SFT is a self-funded program, paid for by participant fees.

Through coursework and practical training exercises, every California fire fighter is exposed to training standards approved by OSFM. Offering more than 2,500 classes annually, SFT programs reach over 45,000 students each year. SFT has issued over 100,000 certifications to members of the more than 900 California fire agencies. 

The program’s goals include using nationally recognized standards—including the most current National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) standards—seeking national recognition for its certifications, efficiently and effectively carrying out curriculum delivery, preventing undue or inappropriate influence by individuals and groups, and making testing and certifications available to all without discrimination.


SFT is committed to providing the highest level of quality training and education to the California fire service community.


SFT achieves its mission through four training and education programs or systems.

  1. The Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP), which produces continuing education and topic-specific training courses that do not lead to job function certification
  2. The California Fire Service Training and Education System (CFSTES), which produces training courses that lead to job function certification
  3. The California Fire Academy System, made of up individual Accredited Regional Training Programs (ARTPs), which are partnerships between OSFM and accredited academic institutions or local fire agencies that deliver SFT curriculum to a specific region
  4. Accredited Local Academies (ALAs) that deliver SFT curriculum in-house only to their own personnel

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