The Administration webpage provides general information regarding the State Fire Training division, with direct access to SFT User Portal information and Administrative Forms.

Administrative Forms

Interagency Emergency Equipment Operator Card Information:

 Duplicate Hired Vendor Card Form (PDF)

 Hired Vendor Lookup (coming soon!)

SFT User Portal

SFT User Portal Login Page Example

The State Fire Training (SFT) User Portal is a secure, web-based platform for users to track and retrieve their California Fire Service Training and Education System (CFSTES) or Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP) data such as contact information, training history, professional qualifications, diplomas, and certifications. 

For most users, a Portal account may already be activated. If not, portal accounts may be activated on the login page for users who have a valid SFT ID number by clicking the Sign-Up link on the portal login page. If you do not remember your SFT ID number use the Retrieve Your SFT ID link; however, in order to use this method a valid email address on file is required. If this method is not successful, you may utilize the Online Legacy SFT ID Look Up website which will ask you for your name and last four SSN before displaying your SFT ID.

Update a Fire Chief or Authorized Signatory

Person Signing Paper W Pen (250X167)

To successfully receive a California OSFM certification or to register as an Instructor or lead/skills evaluator position, the Fire Chief or authorized signatory signing the certification task book or experience letter must be listed in the SFT Authorized Chief database before the certification task book or experience letter can be approved.

To update your Chief or to add an authorized signatory, please review the SFT Procedures Manual, Section 4.2: Updating an Authorized Signatory, or use this Fire Chief/Authorized Signatory Sample Letter (Docx).

Your Feedback

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How are we doing? Provide SFT your feedback on a recent class, navigating through the website, new curriculum/content ideas, or simply just your general thoughts! Depending upon the type of feedback, complete one of the following surveys below:

All other inquires may be directed to the appropriate SFT staff person from the SFT Contact List.