2021-2022 | Introduction to NFIRS 5.0 (F0497)

NFIRS logo with the text U.S. Fire Administration, Working for a fire-safe America

This two-day course teaches students how to use standardized forms to achieve uniformity in their incident and activity reporting. This training program is designed specifically to support local fire service organizations, and it will assist them in providing data both to their management and to decision-makers, as well as to their state uniform fire reporting system.

At a local level, National Fire Incident Reporting System data can be used to:

  • Describe a community's fire problem.
  • Support budget requests and improve decision-making for allocation of resources.
  • Assist in planning for future fire protection.
  • Help identify opportunities for scheduling non-emergency activities.
  • Evaluate code enforcement programs.
  • Identify target audiences for public fire education programs.
  • Support requests from grant-making organizations and alternative funding sources to fund department programs and priorities.

Course dates and locations can be found on the NFA website