California Incident Data and Statistics Program (CalStats)

Formerly known as CAIRS

CalStats is a statewide emergency incident data collection program that analyzes and distributes statistical information reported by fire departments throughout the state. CalStats complies with Health and Safety Code 13110.5 to provide fire data and information to the fire community, and as a resource for the public. The data collected by CalStats includes such information as numbers of fires, causes of fires, types of fires, and locations of fires.




NFIRS/CalStats Reporting Regulations

Health and Safety Code 13110.5 Requirements


The State Fire Department must:

  • Document and report all Fire, Medical Aid, and Hazardous Material incidents to the State Fire Marshal

All other Fire Departments must:

  • Report all Fire incidents to the State Fire Marshal

The State Fire Marshal must:

  • Collect and analyze the information and data reported by all fire departments
  • Compile an annual report and make their analysis available to all fire officials and the public

HSC 13110.5 Details

NFIRS - After Action Incident Reporting

History and Procedures

New to NFIRS? Get Started!

Step 1 - Contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) to request a Fire Department Identification Number (FDID)

Step 2 - Choose your NFIRS reporting software (NFIRS Free Data Entry Tool or choose a software vendor)

Step 3 - Download and install NFIRS software (For NFIRS Free Data Entry Tool users)

Step 4 - Export and send quarterly data to OSFM

NFIRS Reporting Verification

Quarterly Report

To request NFIRS reporting verification for grants or other funding purposes, email:

Please include your FDID, the time frame you are requesting, and any further details. Be sure to include "NFIRS Reporting Verification" in the subject line.

Quarterly Flyers

Contact Us

Questions about the California Incident Data and Statistics Program or NFIRS can be answered via email:


CalStats General Program Inbox:

Program Manager:


Please include your Fire Department Identification Number (FDID) in the subject line, if applicable.