Code Development & Analysis

Title 19 Regulations Development

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (SFM) Code Development and Analysis Program staff regularly reviews Title 19 – California Code of Regulations for relevancy, necessity, conflict, duplication, and overlap. They also implement legislative mandates to develop regulations relating to fire and life safety involving the various occupancy classifications under the authority of the California State Fire Marshal. This encompasses the actual administrative processing of regulations from concept to promulgation in the California Code of Regulations.

Regulations are processed in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). This Act promotes public participation in the development of regulations. The Code Development and Analysis Program staff work in conjunction with the State Office of Administrative Law (OAL). They also coordinate regulatory development activities with fire service organizations, State Fire Marshal advisory committees, and numerous professional and advocacy organizations.

Current Rulemaking Activities

(SFT) State Fire Training - Firefighter Training and Certification Revisions

Documents Incorporated by Reference for this rulemaking file:

Forms Incorporated by Reference for this rulemaking file: (FORMS)

Documents Relied Upon:

(FLS) Plans and Specifications-WITHDRAWN

AB 864 Notice of Adoption Date

Notice of Public Workshop Pipeline Safety-Best Available Technology AB 864


Prior Rulemaking Activities

(DIG) CA Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board - Fees (Approved by OAL 11/30/18, Effective 1/1/2019)

(PLS) Intrastate Hazardous Liquid Pipelines-Website Annual Inspections-Section 100 Changes without Regulatory Effect (Approved by OAL 7/6/17, Effective 7/6/17)

(AES) Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems – Certification (Approved by OAL 3/24/17, Effective 7/1/17)

(PLS) Intrastate Hazardous Liquid Pipelines-Annual Inspections-Ext SB295 (Approved by OAL 5/1/2017, Effective 5/1/2017)

(PLS) Intrastate Hazardous Liquid Pipelines-Annual Inspections-SB295 (Approved by OAL 2/9/2017, Effective 2/9/2017)

(SFT) California Fire Service Training and Education Program - Firefighter Training and Certification (Aproved by OAL 6/30/2016, Effective 7/1/2016)

(BML) Smoke Alarms – 10 Year Battery (Approved by OAL 6/24/2014, Effective 7/1/2014)

AES) Automatic Extinguishing Systems - NFPA 25-2011 (Approved by OAL 8/28/2014, Effective 8/28/2014)

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