Automatic Extinguishing system

Automatic Extinguishing System

All Automatic Fire Suppression systems installed in California must meet standards adopted in the California Building & Fire Code, manufacturing and performance standards, and bear the label of an approved testing laboratory.

California Code of Regulations, Section 904.7. Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Requirements for Engineered and Pre-Engineered Fixed Extinguishing Systems states: "Inspection, Testing and Maintenance shall be performed in accourdance with the manufacturer's written instruction, which are approved and on file with the Office of the State Fire Marshal."

The licensing by the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) for fire suppression maintenance in California ensures that strict standards are met for these life saving devices.

All businesses in California that test or service automatic fire extinguishing systems, including but not limited to, fire sprinkler systems, engineered and pre-engineered fixed extinguishing systems, standpipe systems, and water flow alarm devices must first be licensed through the Office of the State Fire Marshal, or the Contractor's State Licensing Board. Applicants are granted OSFM licenses if they meet certain work experience and/or training requirements and pass an on-site field inspection of their facility.

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AES Certification Workgroup:

To create a program that improves the quality of water-based fire protection systems by providing a means to register persons who install, modify or add accessories to such systems. This will ensure consistency and quality assurance to protect citizens of California. Click here for more information.

Any certification exams taken after November 1, 2016 will automatically be applied as a 2017 expiration.

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