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The purpose and goal of the CA State Fire Training (SFT) certification program is to; set minimum performance standards, identify the tasks needed to obtain certification, provide the means for maintaining a record of training accomplishments, and to correlate OSFM certification standards with state & national certification program standards.


Below is a list of current SFT certifications:
Chief Officer -retiring 12/31/2018
Certification Checklist
Chief Fire Officer (New) Certification Checklist
Community Risk Educator (New) Certification Checklist
Community Risk Officer (New) Certification Checklist
Community Risk Specialist (New) Certification Checklist
Company Officer (New) Certification Checklist
Executive Chief Fire Officer (New) Certification Checklist
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Aerial Apparatus (New) Certification Checklist
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Pump Apparatus (New) Certification Checklist
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Tillered Apparatus (New) Certification Checklist
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Water Tender Apparatus (New) Certification Checklist
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Wildland Apparatus (New) Certification Checklist
Fire Fighter I (2013)  
Fire Fighter II (2013)  
Fire Chief  
Fire Inspector I Certification Checklist
Fire Inspector II Certification Checklist
Fire Investigator (New) Certification Checklist
Fire Investigator I - retiring 12/31/2018 Certification Checklist
Fire Investigator II - retiring 12/31/2018 Certification Checklist
Fire Marshal - retiring 12/31/2018 Certification Checklist
Fire Marshal - New Certification Checklist
Fire Mechanic I Certification Checklist
Fire Mechanic II Certification Checklist
Fire Mechanic III Certification Checklist
Hazardous Materials Technician Certification Checklist
Hazardous Materials Specialist Certification Checklist
Instructor I (New) Certification Checklist
Instructor II (New) Certification Checklist
Instructor III (New) Certification Checklist
Plan Examiner (New) Certification Checklist


How to Apply:

Verify that you have met the requirements listed above or in the SFT Procedures Manual.

  1. Download, print and complete:
    1. The Certification Fee Schedule form.
    2. Certification Task Book application form for the job function certification being pursued (if applicable).
  2. Complete. A complete application package includes:
    1. The Certification Fee Shedule Form
    2. Nonrefundable payment by check or money order (payable to CAL FIRE - State Fire Training)
    3. Certification Task Book application (if applicable)
    4. All supporting and verification documentation.
  3. Submit.

    By Mail:
    State Fire Training
    Attn: Cashier
    PO Box 997446
    Sacramento, CA 95899-7446

    In Person:
    State Fire Training
    1131 "S" Street
    Sacramento, CA 95811

Note: You may drop off your application packet anytime, but if you wish to receive your certificate that day, then scheduling an appointment is the safest way to ensure that your certificate will be processed. Call to schedule an appointment.

***Do not apply for any certification before you have met all requirements***


Update the Authorized Fire Chief Database
To successfully receive a California OSFM Fire Fighter certification, the Fire Chief or authorized signatory signing the experience section of the Fire Fighter Certification Task Book must be listed in the SFT Authorized Chief database before the certification task book can be submitted. To update your Chief or to add an authorized signatory, please review the Authorized Chief or Signatory Information Bulletin or simply use this Fire Chief/Authorized Signatory Sample Letter.

Locking longer exists
It is not an option to “lock in” at the current certification standards and fee rate prior to submitting your complete certification application. Therefore, if you do not complete the course work or achieve the required experience prior to changes in the Certification Training Standard (CTS) you may be required to complete additional training.

SFT Archived Certification

"State Fire Training is committed to providing the highest level
of quality training and education to the California fire service community"

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