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Solar electricity developed from photovoltaic systems is one of those new technologies that the fire service needs to become familiar with, both from a codes and regulations perspective, and from a fire department operations perspective. When responding to a building fire how do you work around large expanses of very expensive photovoltaic panels on the roof? What are some of the associated hazards and how do you effectively mitigate them? How do you address these systems in plan review and what should you be asking for? Many of these questions are answered in the materials provided below. State Fire Training Staff and the State Fire marshal's Office have been addressing this technology since 2006. Below you will find the "Solar Photovoltaic Guidelines" along with two training programs "The Fundamentals of Photovoltaics for the Fire Service" an awareness level training program that you can deliver right now to your firefighting staff, and "Fire Operations for Photovoltaic Emergencies" an operational level proposed FSTEP student manual. Both classes will provide firefighters with the essential background information they need to make informed decisions on the fire ground. Instructor Training CD's available through the SFT Bookstore. .



Fire Operations for Photovoltaics Emergencies (Operational Training)

Student Manual

Fire Operations for Photovoltaic Emergencies

Fundamentals of Photovoltaics for the Fire Service (Awareness Training)

Student Manual

Student Manual

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1 - Introduction

Lesson Plan 2 - Cells and Components

Lesson Plan 3 - PV Performance

Lesson Plan 4 - PV Applications

Lesson Plan 5 - PV Codes

Lesson Plan 6 - Emergency Response

Power Point

PV01 - Introduction

PV02 - Cells and Components

PV03 - Performance

PV04 - Applications

PV05 - Codes and Standards

PV06 - Emergency Response

Student Handout

PV Student Handout

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