The State Fire Marshal's Building Materials Listing Program (BML) was initially established to mandate approval and listing of fire alarm systems and devices before their sale or marketing in the state. Over time, it expanded to include various materials, such as roof coverings, wall assemblies, hardware, and more. Product approval involves rigorous testing, and companies must utilize SFM accredited laboratories for testing to list products in California. The SFM listing service provides essential information to building authorities, architects, engineers, contractors, and the fire service.


Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Listed Products Handbook

All products published in this handbook have been reviewed and verified by OSFM staff to comply with Chapter 7A of the California Building Code and have been listed by the Building Materials Listing (BML) Program.

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In support of the OSFM Engineering & Investigations Division's ongoing commitment to improving customer service and decreasing wait times, we are pleased to announce that applications can now Pay Online or by mail-in for their licensing fees. This feature will allow applicants to quickly and easily pay for license applications fees from anywhere and significantly reduce time-to-issuance.

Visit GovMotus Fire Page to submit an application 

Please be aware that GOVmotus will be live March 1, 2022 and will be utilized for all Building Materials Listing (BML) related listing services. When accessing GOVmotus for the first time, please “Register” with the company email address on file to access your company’s listings.


How to Complete A Listings Application

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