California State Fire Training (SFT) is the OSFM division that establishes, develops, and delivers standardized training and education for the California fire service. The State Fire Training website serves as a valuable resource and a one-stop-shop for all things related to the State Fire Training. Check this website regularly as content is updated periodically or follow us on social media.

An online records management system that serves as a central training and certification repository for all participants in SFT.

Instructors and Agencies looking to schedule, return, or pay for a course.

Information on how to register as a SFT Instructor and other useful instructor resources.

The California Fire Service Training and Education System (CFSTES), produces training courses that lead to job function certification.

The Fire Service Training and Education Program (FSTEP) produces continuing education and topic-specific training courses.

Information for SFT Evaluators and Proctors for certification testing.

Latest News and Bulletins

06/2024 - Upcoming Changes to Roster Submission and Course Invoicing

Starting July 1, 2024, State Fire Training (SFT) will be moving to a new process for returning course rosters and generating and paying invoices. The registered instructor will enroll students directly into the course via their portal and the user portal will generate the invoice electronically once the submission has been approved. SFT expects this new process will reduce the amount of time from roster submission to receiving an invoice for the course. Pilot testing is underway and full information guides are now available on the Course Delivery Webpage.

In preparation for the new feature, it is recommended that persons responsible for paying invoices on behalf of an agency create an SFT ID and portal account, then submit a request to be added to an organization's record as an approved invoice payor.

See the SFT User Portal WebForms page to access both the SFT ID Request form and the Agency Billing Contact Request form.

06/2024 - Upcoming Changes to Course Scheduling
Starting July 1, 2024, Courses will be requested by a new online form on the SFT User Portal, rather than by e-mailing in a PDF form.

The form will be found on the SFT User Portal WebForms page. The online form contains the same information as the existing PDF but will serve to expedite scheduling and increase accuracy related to properly recording billing information in tandem with the new invoicing feature. This form should be used for all courses that end on or after July 1, 2024.

06/2024 - Curriculum Retirement Reminder
The following courses retire from the State Fire Training (SFT) catalog on June 30, 2024:
  • Rapid Intervention Crew Operations (2011)
  • Rope Rescue Awareness/Operations (2017)
  • Rope Rescue Technician (2017)
As a reminder, Candidates actively pursuing instructor registration for any of the retiring courses listed above must submit all documentation postmarked on or before the deadline listed in their respective implementation plan: Fire Fighter Rescue and Rapid Intervention Crew Operations (2023) Implementation Plan (PDF) and Rope Rescue (2021) Implementation Plan (PDF)

06/2024 - National Accreditation Certification Expansion
The expansion of national accreditation for FESI 1 and 2 would create two options for those seeking Instructor Certification: California State Certification and a Nationally Accredited Certification (State Certification + IFSAC/Pro Board seals). Candidates not wanting to complete the Certification Exam will be issued the California State Certification without IFSAC/Pro Board seals.

Review the Staff Report (PDF) for more details.

06/2024 - Accredited Academy Updates
Stockton Fire Department, Fresno Fire Department, San Francisco Fire Department, Los Angeles Fire Department, and Sierra College have been approved for reaccreditation. Congratulations to all the Accredited Academies!

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