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Latest News and Bulletins

02/2024 - Curriculum Retirement Reminder
The following courses retire from the State Fire Training (SFT) catalog on June 30, 2024:
  • Rapid Intervention Crew Operations (2011)
  • Rope Rescue Awareness/Operations (2017)
  • Rope Rescue Technician (2017)
As a reminder, Candidates actively pursuing instructor registration for any of the retiring courses listed above must submit all documentation postmarked on or before the deadline listed in their respective implementation plans: Fire Fighter Rescue and Rapid Intervention Crew Operations (2023) Implementation Plan (PDF) and Rope Rescue (2021) Implementation Plan (PDF)

02/2024 - State Fire Training Annual Report
The State Fire Training (SFT) FY22 State Fire Training Annual Report (PDF) is dedicated to our emergency response professionals statewide. The CAL FIRE - Office of the State Fire Marshal - State Fire Training Division accomplished several remarkable goals that have enhanced the SFT system for our stakeholders. This annual report highlights those exceptional efforts in the essential areas of the program.

This report features more than 5 distinct areas of recognition including FY 2022 Statistics, Accomplishments, Curriculum Development, Statewide Training Education and Advisory Committee (STEAC), and the California Fire Academy System. State Fire Training is proud to share this summary of our program improvements, growth, and successes.

02/2024 - Fire Fighter 1 & 2 Instructor
State Fire Training has automatically issued the qualification of "Fire Fighter 1 & 2 Instructor" to stakeholders who meet the Fire Fighter Instructor requirements and possess a California Fire Fighter 2 certification. This designation will provide ease of compliance monitoring for SFT with record-keeping ease for the accredited academies for assured academy delivery compliance.

There may be persons who qualify as a Fire Fighter Instructor who do not have a Fire Fighter 2 Certification and therefore will not be listed in the SFT User Portal. Colleges and agencies should verify that the candidate has the required instructor requirements, Ethics course completion, and occupational experience prior to individual designation as a primary instructor of a Fire Fighter 1 and/or 2 course(s).

Please note this designation does not imply registered instructor status, and individuals possessing this certification will still need to follow the appropriate steps to become a registered instructor.

Refer to the Staff Report (PDF) for additional information.

02/2024 - Recognized Fire Agencies and Authorized Signers Interim Procedures Update
Based on stakeholder feedback, SFT has made edits to the December 2021 Interim Procedure to roll back some of the requirements requiring Agencies to provide Proof of Authority. Refer to the Staff Report (PDF) for additional information.

02/2024 - Tower Rescue Technician (2021) Curriculum
The Tower Rescue Technician curriculum has been developed to prepare emergency personnel to conduct tower rescue operations. This course is aligned with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications, 2021 edition. Review the Implementation Plan (PDF) for more details.

02/2024 - Rope Rescue Technician (2021) Curriculum Update
The Rope Rescue Aware/Operations/Technician curriculum series has been updated to ensure the effective and coordinated response to conducting rescue operations. These course updates are aligned with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1006: Standard for Technical Rescue Personnel Professional Qualifications, 2021 edition. Review the Implementation Plan (PDF) for more details.

02/2024 - National Accreditation Certification Expansion
The expansion of national accreditation for FESI 1 and 2 would create two options for those seeking Instructor Certification: California State Certification and a Nationally Accredited Certification (State Certification + IFSAC/Pro Board seals). Candidates not wanting to complete the Certification Exam will be issued the California State Certification without IFSAC/Pro Board seals. Review the Staff Report (PDF) for more details.

02/2024 - Accredited Academy Updates
Modesto Junior College has been approved for initial accreditation, Alameda County Fire Department, Columbia College, and Pasadena Fire Department have been approved for reaccreditation. Congratulations to all the Accredited Academies!

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