The State Fire Marshal's Code Development and Analysis Division carefully evaluates California's fire and life safety regulations for relevance, necessity, conflicts, and duplication. It also formulates the state's fire and life safety regulations and building standards, submitted for approval by the California Building Standards Commission.

Research and Development

The Code Development & Analysis Division drives research and innovation for fire prevention. We collaborate closely with industry, government, and academia, sharing research findings to improve firefighter safety and reduce wildfire risks. Our diverse research spans topics like: statutory training, wildfire-resistant structures, vegetation management, home vulnerability, fire-safe design, energy storage, and more. We're dedicated to enhancing fire safety across the board.

Code Interpretations

The Code Interpretations Committee (CIC) meets once a month to review and discuss each code interpretation request, then pass their recommendations on to the Division Chiefs for final endorsement and approval. 

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Code Development and Analysis Division
Sacramento Office
P.O. Box 944246
Sacramento, CA 94244
(916) 568-3800

Crystal Sujeski

Division Chief
(510) 846-1276

Jena Garcia

Deputy State Fire Marshal III
(916) 531-7650