State Board of Fire Services

The Board provides a forum for addressing fire protection and prevention issues of statewide concern; develops technical and performance standards for training of fire service personnel; accredits curriculum; establishes policy for the certification system for the California Fire Service; advises the State Fire Marshal on dissemination of regulations; and sits as an appeals board on the application of California State Fire Marshal regulations.

Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board

The California Underground Facilities Safe Excavation Board-- or Dig Safe Board-- was created by the Dig Safe Act of 2016 to investigate accidents, develop excavation safety standards and coordinate education and outreach programs. The Board is made up of nine members appointed by the Governor and Legislature. Members are charged with overseeing the safety of excavations around buried utilities by coordinating the state's education and outreach efforts, investigating accidents to determine their causes, setting standards for safe excavation and ensuring the state's safe excavation laws are followed.

Advisory Committees

Listed below is a list of various Advisory Committees within the Office of the State Fire Marshal.