The State Board of Fire Services is an 18-member advisory board to the California State Fire Marshal. The Board is comprised of representatives of fire service labor, fire chiefs, fire districts, volunteer firefighters, city and county government, Office of Emergency Services, and the insurance industry. The Board is chaired by the California State Fire Marshal.

The Board provides a forum for addressing fire protection and prevention issues of statewide concern; develops technical and performance standards for training of fire service personnel; accredits curriculum; establishes policy for the certification system for the California Fire Service; advises the State Fire Marshal on dissemination of regulations; and sits as an appeals board on the application of California State Fire Marshal regulations.

State Board of Fire Services Roster

2023 Meetings

2022 Meetings

Meeting cancelled. Next meeting will be August 18th.

  • Agenda (PDF)
  • Draft Meeting Minutes 02-17-2022 (PDF)
  • Long Beach Fire Department ALA Reaccreditation (PDF)
  • Rio Hondo College ARTP Reaccreditation (PDF)
  • River & Flood Rescue Tech & Boat Tech Task Book (PDF)
  • S-223 Fireline Medic Curriculum Adoption (PDF)
  • Structural Collapse Specialist (2021) (PDF)
  • Confined Space Rescue Personnel (2021) (PDF)
  • Defensible Space Curriculum/Pilot Courses (PDF)
  • Fire Fighter Exam Random Skill Issuance (PDF)
  • CICCS Guide (PDF)
  • Blueprint 2030 (PDF)
  • FY 2022-23 Curriculum and Related Projects (PDF)
  • National Accreditation Expansion (PDF)
  • Certification Task Book Information Bulletin (PDF)

2021 Meetings

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