Plan Review Submittal Requirements Information

CAL FIRE Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) Plan Review Section is responsible for the review of construction plans submitted for all state occupied buildings and specifically identified state leased buildings. Plans are reviewed for compliance with adopted California Code of Regulations Title 24, California Code of Regulations Title 19, and applicable nationally recognized standards. Plan review consists of the preliminary review, initial review, back check, over the counter, addendums, and change orders.


OSFM has converted to electronic plan review in addition to the paper review format that is currently used. Electronic plan review will be completed in ProjectDox. New to electronic plan review or not sure how to get started? Please see the information provided below prior to submitting your documents and the GETTING STARTED SECTION.



Plan Review queue times

  • Initial reviews approximately 8 weeks
  • Backcheck reviews approximately 4 weeks
  • Review times dependent on complexity and quality provided


  • Updates are not provided during the review
  • GOVmotus and ProjectDox will auto generate e-mail notifications at each review milestone within the process



OSFM only allows the following to be deferred

  • Fire Alarm
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Smoke Control
  • Emergency Responder Radio Coverage



  • These requests require a GOVmotus application and shall be in accordance with submittals for PAPER PLAN REVIEW



  • Hours are Tuesdays from 830am to 1230pm. Check-in starts at 8:00 am.
  • Projects are handled on a first come first served basis with no guarantee of review.
  • Reviews are limited to one hour with the last appointment starting at 1230.
  • Applications for permit shall be completed in GOVmotus prior to arrival
    • Provide a copy of application when signing in for review.
  • Plans shall be in accordance with the requirements found under PAPER PLAN REVIEW
  • Plans that have already been submitted through our normal process will not be taken out of the que for an OTC review.
  • Due to limited space, one project representative and one design professional with signature authority will be allowed.
  • Electronic OTC’s are not permitted at this time.



All plans submitted for review must meet the following requirements or will be returned unprocessed:

  • Plans must be mailed to 2251 Harvard Street Suite 130 Sacramento, CA  95815
  • 24” x 36” (ARCH D)
  • 30” x 42” (ARCH E1)
  • 8 ½” x 11” for documents such as specification packages
  • Bound
  • Weight 40 pounds or less
  • Title Block and document cover page configurations shall be in accordance with the TITLE BLOCK CONFIGURATION AND STAMP LOCATION
  • Plans shall be in accordance with the DRAWING SCALE REQUIREMENTS
  • Plans shall be wet signed and wet stamped by the responsible licensed design professional.
    • For projects requesting use of electronic signatures in paper format submittal please go here for instructions



All plans submitted for review must meet the following requirements or will be returned unprocessed: 

  • Not contain pre-printed SFM approval stamp block and language
  • File types for uploading shall be in accordance with the Drawing File Requirements
  • Accepted sheet sizes will be in accordance with the TITLE BLOCK CONFIGURATION AND STAMP LOCATION
  • Title Block and document cover page configurations shall be in accordance with the TITLE BLOCK CONFIGURATION AND STAMP LOCATION
  • Plans shall be in accordance with the DRAWING SCALE REQUIREMENTS
  • Files shall be in accordance with File Naming Standards
  • Electronic submittals shall only contain one building per submittal. Multiple buildings in a submittal will not be reviewed.



  • Drawing Files: Each sheet/page of the drawing shall be uploaded as a separate file and in landscape view.  Drawing files will be rejected if uploaded as a multi-page document or incorrect orientation.  ***Every sheet must contain an identifier in the bottom right corner of the drawing reflected as V1, V2, V3, etc. V1 is the first time the sheet has been to submitted; V2 is the second time; V3 is the third; etc. This will help identify sheets that you want removed from the review process after already being reviewed.***
  • Supporting Document Files: All files required as part of the application submission, other than drawing files, e.g., Specifications, Structural Calculations, Geo-Tech Reports, Easement Letters, Product Data Sheets, shall be uploaded as individual multipage documents.



The location of the OSFM batch stamp has been coordinated with the Department of the State Architect (DSA) electronic stamp location. The OSFM batch stamp will be placed below the space allocated for the DSA stamp. The following locations are identified to ensure that when viewed, the OSFM Approval Stamp is visible and not truncated.





8.5" x 11”

Documents such as specification packages

From bottom right hand corner of the SHEET

·         Bottom of box is 1” up.

·         Top of box is 3.5” up.

·         Right side of box is 1” from right hand edge of sheet

3.3” x 2.5”

Cover page only

24" x 36"


From upper right hand corner of the SHEET

·         Top of box is 3.5” down

·         Bottom of box is 6” down

3.3” x 2.5”

Provide dedicated space on each sheet

30" x 42"


From upper right hand corner of the SHEET

•          Top of box is 3.5” down

•          Bottom of box is 6” down

3.3” x 2.5”

Provide dedicated space on each sheet

8.5x11 sheet depiction24x36 or 30x42 page depiction



  • Supporting Documents:  Searchable PDF files are required for calculations, reports and other non-drawing files.
  • ProjectDox does not support 3D files.  


Acceptable Formats



Supporting Documents




Files must be electronically stamped and signed by the responsible licensed design professional.



  • All plans must be drawn to scale.
  • All drawings must be calibrated.  This calibration shall be saved in the drawing ensuring it is available to the reviewer.
  • Each sheet must have an independent scale:
    • e. 1in = 40ft or 3/16in = 1ft
  • Each sheet must have a scale bar for each scale used on its respective sheet. Reflect 100’ on the bar.
  • When more than one scale is used on a sheet, an independent scale must accompany the applicable detail.
  • Fire alarm plans shall utilize 1/8” scale
    • Fire alarm plans shall contain a sheet with a legend of scale square outlines for wall and ceiling mounted strobe coverage areas for all candela ratings and ceiling heights per NFPA 72. See examples below. The legend shall identify the following for each outline:
      1. Mounting location: Wall or Ceiling
      2. Candela rating
      3. Max lens height
      4. Size of outline (same scale as the drawings)
    • Fire alarm plans shall contain a general note identifying required detector spacing based on NFPA 72 and spacing outlines per the examples below.

Smoke detector coverage - 30' diameter or 21' to cornerHeat detector coverage template 50' diameter or 35' to cornerWall mount templateCeiling mount template @ 30'Ceiling mount template @ 10'


  • All files should be numbered and named according to their order listed on your provided Title Sheet, Cover Sheet or Table of Contents.  
  • File names should start with a numeric value followed by the document name. The numeric value at the beginning of the file name ensures the order in which they are displayed
  • Please limit the number of characters in the file name to 35 characters or less, no dashes, no special characters (&, %, #, etc.), do not include the date or version numbers
  • Resubmittals: After a review by the OSFM, all sheets must be uploaded again and must be named exactly the same as the original file to allow for versioning. ***All sheets being resubmitted must have an identifier in the bottom right corner of the drawing reflected as V1, V2, V3, etc. V1 is the first time the sheet has been to submitted; V2 is the second time; V3 is the third; etc. Sheets you want removed from the resubmittal do not need to be included in the upload with the rest of the sheets in the resubmittal.*** If you need help with this, please ask.



Document File Naming Standards

Document files shall start with a two‐digit number.

Depiction of how to add documents in the documents section

Drawings File Naming Standards

Drawing files shall start with a four‐digit number.


The following components make up the file name:  

Sequential Display Order No.

Sheet Number

Sheet Title/Name



Cover Sheet


File Name

0001 G001 Cover Sheet


List of sheets on Drawing Cover Sheet:                                    Examples of Drawing File Names:

list of code values

Adding Files to Your Completed Upload

After you have completed your initial upload and find that you need to add files in a certain sequence, notify the OSFM staff. After the upload task has been returned to you by OSFM staff, add your new documents or drawings to your already uploaded files in the manner shown below:

(**Note: The examples below only reflect a three-digit number at the beginning of the file name, the OSFM requires four-digits**)

depection of how to add files to your completed upload: If you want to upload a new document and want it to be listed between the 001 cover sheet and 002 erosion control document, name yournew file with 001.1 at the beginning of the file name

Adding “001.1” to the front of the file name of the additional document uploaded, placed it in order between the files “001 Cover Sheet.pdf” and “002 Erosion Control.pdf”.  

Depictions of renamed files proper order


Step 1: Utilize and Configure Google Chrome.

  • Access your browser settings from the upper right corner of the browser window.

Location of the menu on screen


  • Click on settings from the menu that appears.

Location of the settings option on screen


  • Under the section titled “Privacy and Security” click on “Site Settings” (on some versions of Chrome this is called “Content Settings”)
    • If you do not see this section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced. This may also be accessible from the left side of your browser page.
    • Once the advanced features appear look for the “Privacy and Security” section and click on “Site Settings” or “Content Settings”
  • Once under “Site/Content Settings”, Look for “Pop-ups” or “Pop-ups and redirects” and click on it.
  • Under the “Pop-ups” section, go the “Allow” section and click on Add.

location of the add button on screen


  • Once the add window appears, add: and ensure it appears under the allowed sites once completed.
  • Close and re-open the browser and proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Log in to your existing GOVmotus account at

If you do not have an account or forgot the user password, left mouse click on the respective “Register” button or “Forgot Password” hyperlink from this page to obtain or access a GOVmotus account.  

Depiction of the GovMotus login screen

Step 3: Once logged in to your existing or new GOVmotus account, a list of the user’s projects, if any, will appear under “My Permits” service bar. Left mouse click on the “Apply for New Permit” button at the bottom left hand side of the “My Permits” service bar to start a new application.

Depiction of the user’s projects display


Step 4: Complete the new application’s mandatory fields indicated with a red asterisk * on the left-hand side of each data field.


Step 5: Choose Electronic or Paper plan review:

  • If choosing paper plans please complete Steps 6 and 7 and see PAPER PLAN REVIEW SECTION
  • If choosing electronic plans complete Steps 6 and 7, then see ELECTRONIC PLAN REVIEW before continuing to Step 8.

depiction of the option for choosing electronic or paper format

Step 6: When all mandatory fields are complete, the grey “Submit Application” button at the bottom of the screen will turn blue. Left mouse click to submit the application. 

Depiction of the submit application button

Step 7: Submitting the application will prompt the plan review checklist window to pop-up. All required fields with a red asterisk * must be verified and selected before the system will allow the application to be submitted by left clicking the submittal button at the bottom left-hand side of the page.

Helpful Tip: Please take special care to ensure these fields are addressed within the plan submittals as most of the projects that are rejected involve these missing fields.

depiction of the plan submittal checklist screen


Helpful Tip: Please review the requirements for OSFM Stamp and Title Block Configuration under the plan review section of the OSFM Fire and Life Safety page prior to submitting project plans to ensure a successful review.

Step 8:  Selecting the electronic plan document format at GOVmotus application submittal will require these additonal steps to complete the application process.



  • Left mouse click on the “Upload Plans” button to be taken to Project Dox for electronic document submittal.

Depiction of the upload plans button


  • Select the “Upload and Submit” task hyperlink and left mouse click to upload design documents.

Depiction of the “Upload and Submit” task hyperlink


  • A window pops-up asking if you want to accept the task? Left mouse click “OK”.

Depiction of the acceptance box



  • The “Upload and Submit” window will pop-up.

Depiction of the upload and submit window

 Helpful Tip: Please take this opportunity to verify the “review information” is correct and check out the task instructions noted for any Project Dox systems updates and/or new requirements!


  • Select the file destination and left mouse click the fold hyperlink.

Depiction of the destination folder selection screen

  • Left mouse click “Select Files to Upload” button.

Depiction of the "select files to upload" button

  • Left mouse click “Browse For Files”. Then find the files to be uploaded from the computer then double left mouse click or drag files to the window in preparation for upload.

Depiction of the browse for files screen

Helpful Tip: For additional helpful tips and information on plan sizes and title block requirements, please see the Office of State Fire Marshal website – Guide for OSFM Stamp and Title Block Configuration. 


  • Left mouse click on the “Upload” Files” button to transfer the data over to Project Dox.

Depiction of the Upload files button

  • Once the data transfer is complete, left mouse click the “Upload Task Complete” box

Depiction of the upload check box confirmation screen

  • Then left mouse click the “Upload Complete - Submit” button at the bottom right hand side of the page.

Depiction of the upload complete - submit button


  • Upload Completed: A thank you window will pop-up and inform the user that the project has been successfully submitted into the prescreen process of Office of State Fire Marshal plan review.



Paper Format

  • Updated GOVmotus application
  • Provide redline check set at time of resubmittal.
  • Provide deficiency responses at time of resubmittal.
  • Ensure that all revisions are clouded.


Electronic Format

  • Plan Review comments can come in two ways
    • Changemark – which is a page specific correction
    • Checklist Item – general information that could be information-only or require a correction.
  • All correction items will require a response from the Applicant on how the item was corrected.
    • This is similar to a narrative response but comes in the electronic form which opens when accepting the task. Please ask if you have any questions.
  • Drawing Layers: Clean and purge all extraneous layers from the drawings.
  • Complete the respond and resubmit task include the uploading of the revised documents


Uploading files into the wrong folders

  • Drawing sheets should be uploaded into the drawing folder and documents should be uploaded into the documents folder.

Incorrect document orientation

  • Drawing sheets should be uploaded in landscape. Supporting documents should be in their correct orientation.

Drawing file requirements not followed

  • Each drawing sheet needs to be uploaded as a singular file. Documents should be uploaded as a whole and not individual sheets.

File naming standards not followed

  • Drawing sheet file names should follow our drawing file naming convention.

Tasks not being completed

  • Complete your task when you are done uploading all applicable drawing and documents.

Automatic Sign Outs

  • The system will time automatically sign you out after 120 minutes of inactivity.  Please save and save often.