The CAL FIRE – Office of the State Fire Marshal’s (CAL FIRE – OSFM) Automatic Extinguishing Systems (AES) Program’s mission is to protect Californians and their property from the adverse effects of fire by ensuring those who install, test, maintain, and/or service automatic fire extinguishing systems possess the necessary skills and qualifications to safely and properly do so.  

All automatic fire extinguishing systems installed in California must meet California Building & Fire Code standards, manufacturing and performance standards, and bear the label of an approved testing laboratory. Additionally, all testing, maintenance, and servicing on automatic fire extinguishing systems must be performed by those licensed by the CAL FIRE – OSFM or the California Contractor’s State License Board.

Health and Safety Code section 13195.5 requires: “Every automatic fire extinguishing system, including, but not limited to, fire sprinkler systems, engineered and pre-engineered fixed extinguishing systems, standpipe systems, and alarm and supervisory equipment attached to those systems shall be serviced, tested, and maintained in accordance with the regulations and building standards adopted by the State Fire Marshal pursuant to Section 13195.”   

The licensing by the CAL FIRE – OSFM for automatic fire extinguishing systems maintenance in California ensures that strict standards are met for these life-saving devices.  Applicants are granted CAL FIRE – OSFM licenses if they meet certain work experience and/or training requirements as outlined in the regulations.

Fire Pump Exam Update

On February 1, 2016, a new Fire Pump Examination went into effective.  This test has been updated to reflect the recently amended and adopted National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 25. Click here