Recommended and Remaining Draft Local Responsibility Area (including Cities and other Local Agencies) Fire Hazard Severity Zone Maps and Adopted State Responsibility Area Fire Hazard Severity Zone Maps.
Counties include proposed Fire Hazard Severity Zone Maps for State Responsibility Area lands and separate draft Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Maps for Local Responsibility Area lands.

Individuals reviewing local responsibility area hazard zone maps should contact their local agency to verify any adopted ordinances that may affect communities’ hazard mapping and building code requirements.
Local agencies are not required to report such zoning actions and CAL FIRE does not have a current list of local agencies that have adopted ordinances establishing Very High Fire Hazard Severity zones within their boundaries.

Note: Government Code Section 51179 states, “A local agency shall designate, by ordinance, very high fire hazard severity zones in its jurisdiction within 120 days of receiving recommendations from the director pursuant to subdivisions (b) and (c) of Section 51178. A local agency shall be exempt from this requirement if ordinances of the local agency, adopted on or before December 31, 1992, impose standards that are equivalent to, or more restrictive than, the standards imposed by this chapter.

Local Responsibility Area Maps
From June to September 2008 CAL FIRE is posting Recommended maps for Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones in Local Responsibility Areas. For each county, until Recommended Maps are posted, Draft Maps used to develop recommendations for cities and unincorporated LRA in the county remain available. For draft maps, all rankings (Very High, High, and Moderate) in Local Responsibility Areas are shown for reference. For recommendations, only Very High Zones are shown.

GIS data associated with maps of Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones in the Local Responsibility Area is also available. It is shown on a countywide basis.

State Responsibility Area Maps
CAL FIRE adopted Fire Hazard Severity Zone maps for State Responsibility Areas in November 2007. The maps and related regulations were approved by the Office of Administrative Law.

Development of the 2007 California Fire Hazard Severity Zone Maps