The CAL FIRE – Office of the State Fire Marshal's (CAL FIRE – OSFM) Automatic Extinguishing Systems (AES) Program is dedicated to safeguarding Californians and their property from fire's adverse effects. This involves ensuring that those responsible for installing, testing, maintaining, and servicing automatic fire extinguishing systems have the necessary qualifications.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems in California must meet state standards and display approved testing lab labels. CAL FIRE – OSFM or the California Contractor’s State License Board licenses individuals for testing and maintenance, as mandated by Health and Safety Code section 13195.5. CAL FIRE – OSFM licenses are granted to those who meet specific experience and training criteria, ensuring stringent adherence to safety standards for these critical devices.


In support of the OSFM Fire Engineering & Investigations Division's ongoing commitment to improving customer service and decreasing wait times, applicants can pay online or by mail-in for their licensing fees. This feature allows applicants to quickly and easily pay for license application fees from anywhere and significantly reduce time-to-issuance.