The Office of the State Fire Marshal's (OSFM), is the licensing and certification authority for portable fire extinguishers that are serviced and sold in California. This program also ensures that the California Standards are met for these life saving devices. All portable fire extinguishers, like those in your homes or businesses, must meet the manufacturing and performance standards of a testing laboratory approved by the OSFM and display that laboratory's label.

Concern licenses are issued to companies allowing them to engage in the business of, or perform for a fee, the servicing, charging and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. A separate application for license shall be made for each business location of the company. Any person servicing portable fire extinguishers must pass a written exam, provide evidence of experience, and maintain an adequate inventory of testing equipment, repair, and replacement parts before they are issued Certificates of Registration by OSFM.

In support of the OSFM Engineering & Investigations Division's ongoing commitment to improving customer service and decreasing wait times, we are pleased to announce that applicants can now Pay Online or by mail-in for their licensing fees. This feature will allow applicants to quickly and easily pay for license application fees from anywhere and significantly reduce time-to-issuance.

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