The Office of the State Fire Marshal Motion Picture & Entertainment Unit (MP&E) was created in July 1987, following the death of actor Vic Morrow in a movie set accident, and in response to concerns within the motion picture and television industry regarding inconsistent enforcement of regulations and fire prevention requirements.

The program's primary role is to serve as a liaison between the California fire service and the motion picture and television industry. Program staff collaborate with local film commissions, the State Film Commission, and the film and entertainment industry to provide training, conduct special investigations, perform inspections, and offer on-location technical assistance. Additionally, staff provide technical interpretations of SFM laws and regulations pertaining to the use of pyrotechnic special effects.

Filming in California

The fire protection handbook can be used to identify, tackle, and visually depict the essential actions necessary to reduce fire and life safety concerns on a film set.

Filming In California