The Wildfire Hazard Legislation and Safety Element Planning and Zoning Law requires that cities and counties adopt a comprehensive general plan with various elements including a safety element for protection of the community from unreasonable risks associated with various hazards, including wildfires (CGC 65302.5). The Land Use Planning program assists the CA Board of Forestry and Fire Protection (Board) and the local agency that shall review the draft or an existing safety element and recommend changes to the planning agency within 60 days of its receipt regarding both of the following:

(A) Uses of land and policies in state responsibility areas and very high fire hazard severity zones that will protect life, property, and natural resources from unreasonable risks associated with wild land fires.

(B) Methods and strategies for wild land fire risk reduction and prevention within state responsibility areas and very high fire hazard severity zones. These methods and strategies shall reflect accepted best practices in the most recent guidance document entitled “Fire Hazard Planning, General Plan Technical Advice Series,” as identified in Section 65040.21.

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Subdivision Review Program

The State Fire Marshals Subdivision Review Program seeks to improve fire safety in high-risk subdivisions without secondary exits.

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Firewise Communities

California is prone to the threat of wildfires, there are things you can do to protect your neighborhood, home, and family. Visit the links below to learn how.


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